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Enrico Ermanno Sorrentino

Lighting Designer


Enrico Ermanno Sorrentino (Venice, 1975) studied architecture and modern history in Venice.

A lover of glass art, he considers glass as the result of an alchemical process that takes place inside the furnace, where thanks to the fire the transmutation of the elements is obtained. He began his career in the world of lighting alongside his father since the 1990s. Today he follows the entire production cycle, from design to production to installation. Like the artists of the past to whom the client entrusted important projects, he realizes your ideas transforming them into unique works of art. The transition from your idea to its realization will be short and surprising. He is responsible for bringing to the future an ancient art which is the art of glass, an art that is still to be experimented.


The future does not exist. Not yet. Yet everything already exists in space-time.

Projects, realizations, new models, new customers, everything already exists. It is only necessary to go “ahead in time”, along the timeline that transports us to the future, and everything comes closer, everything is realized.

What we were predestined, and what we ourselves, with our will, will be able to create.

Over time, which is circular, everything comes, everything goes, everything comes back. On these premises, we would say philosophical, the history of glass must have a future. The art of glass has existed for 5000 years (did you know?). And must continue on its path alongside the history of humanity.

Glass has changed the history of the world (what would the world be like today if glass had never been discovered?) and the history of the world must go on along with glass. Well, we glass manufacturers have to carry on the art of glass.

Artistic glass will continue to exist if we manufacturers will continue to exist and if you customers will continue to commission glassworks (we not only sell glass chandeliers, but glass art works, having a history and a tradition). The future belongs to us.

We must write it. Every glass chandelier we make, every single component of it, adds a page to the history of glass. Well, this is my responsibility, this is my future.