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Perspective map of the city and lagoons designed by Benedetto Borbone for his “Isolario”, Venice, 1528.

Past and present

Umberto Sorrentino, born in 1932, began his activity at the end of the Sixties exporting lighting articles, at first to Germany and later to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Arab Emirates), beginning a almost fifty years long career. In Middle-Eastern countries he offers a wide range of articles, from the renowned Murano glass product to the just as refined item in Swarovski crystal, distinguishing itself for ability of creating chandeliers of great dimensions.
Passato e presente

Thanks to the ability of welcoming andsatisfying clients’ needs with customedsolutions and a catalogue of products able to meet the local taste and style, in the Eighties Umberto Sorrentino became sorenowned in the Middle East to be called by the Saudi Arabian royal family, for which he created important projects

During the course of the Nineties he entered the U.S. market with the realization of several projects, among which an important casino in Las Vegas. Since 2000, he has worked almost exclusively with Saudi Arabian members of the government and of the royal family. After over forty years of activity on the international market, Umberto Sorrentino is now a point of reference for famous Middle-Eastern interior designers and architects.
We are able to satisfy, today as much as in the past, different furnishing and style needs. One of our peculiarities is the possibility of realizing unique and particolar models, accomodating the different needs of a diverse and international client base
Having consolidated our presence in the Middle-Eastern market, we are now proud of our growing success in UK and in particular in the city of London, where the cooperation with renowned interior designers and the creations of some important projects led us to found therein an administrative headquarters, a new face of the company and probably its very future, led by Dr. Enrico Sorrentino.
What characterizes Murano Style is the availability of interacting with its clients in the designing phase of an environment with the possibility of modifying an article, in detail or altogether, in its shapes and colors. The realization of models, either custom-made, from designs or even starting from a simple idea, places Murano Style on a completely unique level, being it able to completely meet any of the client’s needs.
A consolidated staff of creative designers and skilled glass-masters ensures a remarkable margin of freedom in the designing of exclusive models. The quality of products is guaranteed and obtained in every little detail through the ability of glass-masters, whose experience in working glass always ensures a quality result of the highest level.


design by: Enrico Sorrentino
It is an old question, whether
talent counts more than technique:
I do not know what use study
would have without inspiration.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus,
Epistles, II

Art, design

The catalogue offer a wide range of traditional and modern, classic and contemporary articles. Traditional Venetian style chandeliers, faithful reproductions of antique models or restyled with a modern feel, or chandeliers with a contemporary, experimental, innovative design

Renovation, evolution, experimentation have led a traditional furnishing object such as the chandelier to be today a refined design object. This is achieved also thanks to the material used for its realization: glass. Its artistic potential offers results which are always more wonderful and innovative. Without abandoning tradition, whose refinement of style is always unique and unquestionable, Murano Style offers its antithesis as well: contemporary, the result of the evolution of taste and the research for new shapes carried out with an antique material which remains the absolute protagonist.

A few of the completed projects

Saudi Arabia
  • Jeddah Hilton Hotel
  • Makkah Hilton Towers Hotel
  • Residence of General Officer Mohammed Al-Garni in Riyadh
  • The palace of His Excellency Ibrahim Bin Abdul Rahman Al Tassan, President of Private Affairs Office for His Majesty, in Jeddah
  • The residence of the Mayor of Jeddah and Patron of the Arts for the Middle East Dr. Mohammed Said Farsi, in Jeddah
  • Jeddah Casablanca Hotel
  • Jeddah Royal Casablanca Hotel
  • The residence of Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Al-Rajhi in Riyadh
  • The palace of His Excellency A*** Saudi diplomat and politician, in Riyadh
  • Private residence in Dammam
  • The palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Latifa of Al-Sabah royal family, in Kuwait city
  • The palace of His Excellency Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah, of Al-Sabah royal family, in Kuwait city
  • Al-Imam al-Sadeq mosque in Kuwait city
  • The palace of His Excellency the Minister Al-Sabah, of Al-Sabah royal family, in Kuwait city
  • Le Méridien Hotel in Kuwait city
  • The palace of His Excellency Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, of Al-Sabah royal family, in Kuwait city
  • The residence of Sheikh Anwar Al-Kazemi in Kuwait city
  • Private residence in Kuwait city
  • The“Italian” palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Al-Khalifa, in Manama
  • The “Spanish” palace of Her Royal Highness Princess Noor Al-Khalifa, in Manama
  • The palace of His Excellency the Minister Mohammed Al-Khalifa, of Al-Khalifa royal family, in Manama
  • Private residence in Manama
  • Private residence in Doha
  • Khalifa International Tennis Complex Qatar Tennis Federation, Doha
  • Private residence in Dubai
  • Private residence in Abu Dabi
  • Residence of His Excellency A*** Saudi diplomat and politician, in Paris
  • Private residence in Nice
  • Private residence in Rouen
  • Private residence in Marbella
  • Private residence in Barcellona
  • The residence of Madam Rani Ahluwalia in Hampstead, London
  • The residence of sheikh Abdulaziz Alshaikh in Kensington, London
  • Private residence in Chelsea, London
  • Private residence in Manchester
  • Residence of His Excellency M*** member of the saudi royal family, in Munich
  • Private residence in Berlin
  • Private residence in Saint Petersburg
  • Private residence in Moscow
United States
  • Paris Las Vegas Casino, Las Vegas
  • Private residence in Los Angeles
  • Private residence in San Diego

As for me,
I prefer glass.
And I would prefer it to gold.

Satyricon L


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